The IBTEC staff have a pure love for horses. They are such a stunning animal. Achieving a close bond with a horse is truly amazing so we understand the need as an owner to provide the best possible care for your horse. We also understand the cost of it too!
IBTEC have researched this market and feel it is time for some innovation. We are working closely with veterinary surgeons and our suppliers to bring new products to the market soon

New Product Range - Absorbent Quick Fix Leg Dressings

The Brief
To design, develop and manufacture a range of leg dressings which can be fixed to the injured horse with the minimum of stress for the horse and the owner. Additional features would be quick fix, quick release and active wound cleansing
Design a product to meet this criteria
  • Needs to absorb 250ml of saline solution
  • 320m x 220mm size ( minimum)
  • Sterile product 
  • Instant quick fixing method with the minimum of wound stress
  • Options for active wound cleansing
  • Identified a suitable range of absorbent materials and backing material.
  • Possible to have a variety of sizes based on our absorbent material and film supplier decal widths 
  • Manufactured in a sterile facility with one of our trading partners
  • Instant quick tape release stretch fixings
  • Possible to fit without assistance

A variety of standard wraps



The new suite of IBTEC dressings under development




If you would like more information on our capabilities to develop products for the Equine market,
or you would just like to know more on the products currently in development,
then please contact Sandra Evans