IBTEC are here to take your idea and design it, develop it and manufacture it. Our key focus is on product performance with cost effective design-to-manufacture. Our strength is in our knowledge of design, materials, manufacturing and engineering.
Using a variety of resources and trading partners, we can be extremely competitive in the global economy and design a product that will work, will comply to any necessary standards and be produced at the lowest competitive cost.

Packaging Example - Microwaveable Pack for Fresh Fish & Sauce

The Brief
To design, develop and manufacture a microwave pack which has 2 compartments. One with sauce and one with fresh fish. When cooked the two compartments need to become one so the sauce infuses with the fish and cooks together.  
Design a product to meet this criteria
  • One bag - 2 compartments
  • Withstand Microwave temperatures
  • The bridging seal needs to be able to rupture whilst cooking whist the outer seals must not fail.
  • The inner seal must rupture at around 90 seconds of cooking
  • The pack when it becomes one compartment must vent when at full pressure.
  • Must be easily sealed in the factory when it is being packed with contamination on the seal
  • One bag with 2 compartments
  • Film structure selected to withstand microwave temperatures
  • Accurately controlled time/pressure/temperature 'rupture' seal combined in the process of manufacture
  • Set to rupture @ a nominal 90 seconds
  • A second vent valve constructed through clever engineering adding no cost to the pack.
  • Thick seal layer designed to be easy to seal in the factory when being packed.


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IBTEC can design, develop & manufacture packaging for a variety of applications and markets. Having designed products which have been  manufactured in their billions,  IBTEC are in a strong position to deliver your exact requirements and more. 


  • Medical & Healthcare Packaging & Equipment
  • Industrial Packaging & Equipment
  • Engineering Packaging & Equipment
  • Equine Packaging
  • General Packaging

If you have been in the UK for any length of time, you would have almost certainly bought a product with packaging that Ian has either designed, developed or has been manufactured on machinery he has designed & built.

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