As you will see below, IBTEC have worked in a variety of industries, with a variety of technologies and with a wide variety of materials. So If we say we can do it we will!
With nothing but an exemplary record of success, you can be assured we will deliver. 


  • Medical & Healthcare Packaging & Equipment
  • Food Packaging & Equipment
  • Industrial Packaging & Equipment
  • Flexibles (mono to multi-layered co-extruded or cast films )
  • Printing (Flexographic)
  • Automation Design & Manufacture including Robotic Systems ( Electromechanical and Pneumatics)
  • Absorbents 

Engineering Technologies

  • Design(3D CAD Autodesk Inventor)
  • Rotary Unwinds(driven or braked)|Web Tension Control|Dancer Assemblies|Web Guides
  • Servo Drives(rotary & linear)|Flying Knives|Synchronised Cutting(rotary or static)|AC Drives|DC Drives
  • Pneumatic Actuators & associated components (Festo|SMC)
  • Hydraulic Actuators & associated components
  • PLC Systems(Siemens & Mitsubishi)
  • A wide variety of others

Process Technologies

  • Slitting|Guillotining|Sheeting|Collating|High-Speed(up-to 180 parts/sec)
  • Die-Cutting|Kiss Cutting|Pressing|Creasing|Perforation|Laser|Rotary or Board
  • Lamination|Cold Glue|Hot Glue|Wax|Thermal Press|Thermal Rotary|Thermal Vacuum
  • Heat Sealing|Thermal Bar|Impulse|Ultrasonic|Laser
  • Flow-Wrapping|High & Low temperature
  • Pouch Making|Every combination plus more
  • Liquid Dosing Systems
  • Cold Embossing Systems
  • Robotic Systems
  • Label Applicators(ALC)
  • Glue Machines (Nordson & ValcoMelton)
  • and a host of others


  • Films(Bio-Polymer) - Mater-Bi|Bioska|PLA|and many others
  • Absorbent Materials - Cellulose Base|Pulp|SAP|SAF|Air-Laid|WetLaid|Crepes|Filtration Boards|and many combinations
  • Adsorbent Materials - Activated Carbon cloths & other associated substrates
  • NonWoven Materials - Spunlaced|Spunbonded|Meltblown|(Hydrophobic & Hydrophilic)|Geotextiles
  • A wide variety of others (rigids and flexibles)

We do in particular have an unrivaled knowledge of product development-to-manufacture incorporating Absorbent Materials & Adsorbent Materials. Please discuss your requirements with us. We offer the most cost effective route to manufacture in the market.