If you look through this website, you will see a variety of projects we have worked on. The most recent being the Bowel Cancer Screen Pouch Machine which produces the PillowPac™ Pouch currently manufactured by our parent company Shuttlepac Ltd.

This was a project instigated by a customer who wanted a special kind of pack that would lay flat but expand somehow to contain a faecal sample tube ready for return postage. Shuttlepac designed the pack and IBTEC designed and built the machine to produce it.
To complement the pack , a machine was required to automatically open the pack in the labs when they receive them through the mail. IBTEC designed and built that machine too so there is now a whole system for the manufacture, supply and in-house processing for the client and their customers.

This pack design is currently used in the English NHS Bowel Screen Cancer Program – The whole system is exclusively available from IBTEC with the pack being supplied by Shuttlepac Ltd to be used in other locations around the world. 

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