Packaging Innovations 2014


IBTEC will be visiting the Packaging Innovations show to support some of its customers that it has helped develop products for this year, 2 of which are up for awards. Ian Beardsall said “It is an exciting time to be developing new products as there is such a thirst for innovation like I have never seen before. The ideas that are coming forward are really pushing the limits on design-to-manufacture and fortunately, this is a key strength of my company. I am happy to have been able to offer comprehensive solutions to technical manufacturing and design problems encountered at the prototype stage to ensure the product can be produced" 
One of the other key factors has been minimising the cost. In every case thus far, IBTEC have managed to reduce the product cost considerably by material selection and processing methods without hindering the products performance. In both instances, IBTEC have designed the machinery to manufacture these products.

In a market where iterations of existing design concepts ( bags, boxes, pouches. thermoformed) seems to be prevalent, being able to offer the market an option of saying, “lets design a product and we will figure how to make it”, has excited our customers immensely.
Ian went on to say.”It is quite interesting when people look at the things we make and wonder how it is made. My customers are passionate about their product concepts and it excites me to help turn that passion into the product that they envisaged”

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