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For IBTEC to be able to design and produce the products it does, it is essential that it can combine creativity with a technically strong engineering capability. This is at the heart of the business and underpins everything we do. Please take a look at the Abilities link to see the extensive knowledge that we have.
So If you require a machine designed, then please talk to us and let us see what we can do for you.

Engineering Example - Bag Tying Device

The Brief
Metal clips used for Nylon Ovenable Bags were causing a problem as they got very hot in the cooking process and retained the heat when the bag was taken from the oven. Amongst other things, this had the effect of causing burns for the user and causing the bag to leak. An alternative was required.
Design a closure method to overcome these issues
  • Need to be semi-automated
  • Produce a reliable effective seal
  • Simple to use in a cold and wet factory
  • Must not cost more than the current option of metal clips
  • Direct Metal Laser Sintered 3D forming design (below)
  • Low cost nylon filament - 4 times cheaper than metal clips
  • Not hot when removed from the oven due to minimal mass
  • In-line semi-automated process
  • Machine sealed to IP65 - usable in cold wet factory.


NOTE: You need Google Chrome version 9.0 or higher, Mozilla Firefox version 4.0 or higher, Safari 5.1 or higher to view this in 3D


 A patent was filed for this project and it was also a finalist in the Lord Stafford Awards. You can be confident that IBTEC have the skills and knowledge to take your product idea through to manufacture and beyond....

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Ian Beardsall has been designing and building machinery since the early 80's. From 5 axis Robotic Systems into manufacturing, to building label inserting machines for Bernard Matthews. Gaining so much valuable experience in a variety of industries and technologies has given IBTEC the depth of knowledge to be able to create great products and the machinery to produce them.