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Medical Device Example - Absorbent / Adsorbent Pouch

The Brief
To design, develop and manufacture an absorbent pouch with an adsorbent activated carbon cloth inserted to render an opioid immobile when primed into the pouch. 
Design a product to meet this criteria
  • Needed to absorb 4ml of liquid
  • Needed to adsorb up to 4 priming pumps from the dispenser
  • Produce to exacting tolerance of +/- 0.2mm
  • The pouch required a sealed closure
  • Identified a combination of Film, Absorbent & Adsorbent Activated Carbon Cloth
  • Developed a unique combination of laminating the materials together without losing performance
  • Designed and built a complete new multi servo machine to cut, fold, register-to-print, laminate and apply tape to the pouch.
  • In-line Vision system to monitor tolerances to +/- 0.2mm
  • 1,000,000 pouches produced - No quality complaints.


Co-vertec Testimonial       Co-vertec Testimonial


 A patent was filed and granted for this product with the pharmaceutical company Archimedes Pharma
This product due to its patented protection, cannot be used for any other application in this format but if you require a product which can do something similar, then please talk to us.

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As long ago as 1991, Ian Beardsall developed and manufactured the machinery to produce an absorbent insert for a pregnancy testing device. The absorbent material was expensive and this was a price sensitive component. It was essential to achieve a target price to make the pregnancy tester price viable in the market.

The product was a challenge at the time due to the tight tolerances (+/- 0.2mm) To achieve this, most products of this nature would be die-cut from a board which of course incurs a significant amount of wastage and requires expensive tooling.

Ian found a way to ensure the product would remain in tolerance but utilised 96% of the material without being die-cut.This had a significant effect on the production cost and the price target was met.

We went on to produce over 30 million parts !