IBTEC inivted to Atlanta FoodService Expo

IBTEC were recently invited to the Atlanta Food Service Expo by a potential customer to discuss the design, development and manufacture of a brand new concept that has never been done before. This customer, who is a market leader in their field, has been working for sometime on a variety of options with other companies but were impressed with IBTEC's design capabilities and speed of response.

After just one discussion in which IBTEC fully understood the brief, IBTEC designed and produced a prototype which the customer commented that he was ' blown away' with its functionality, aesthetics and performance.

IBTEC's ability to provide an unrivaled design with the above attributes at the lowest cost and best delivery times has impressed our client to the extent that they are looking for IBTEC to produce this product and manufacture it in the USA on machinery designed, developed and built here at IBTEC. The range of products will be produced in their hundreds of millions growing to an expected 0.8 billion/year and above. 


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