The best start to the new year ... Ever !

Well what a start to the new year!  As we start to get the word out that I am no longer developing products at Sirane, but developing products within my new company, I am receiving a large amount of interest on a global scale. Currently, besides the UK, we are looking at projects in the USA, France, Germany, Turkey and Saudi Arabia.  These vary from Medical applications to Industrial packaging to engineering solutions and machinery.  

We have received our first order from Spain of which we will be producing with one of our trading partners in their factory which has ISO:9001:2008 & BS 13485. We expect to do more in this area as we develop more products for the medical markets of the world.

In the industrial packaging sector, we have recently developed a dual compartment pouch to be used in a unique way. As this is a big development, we have partnered with a European leader in chemical formulations to do a joint patent and then bring this to market. With interest from a world renowed company, we hope this to be a big product for us. IBTEC will be also designing and developing the machinery to manufacture the product in two separate locations around the world.

Sandra Evans, Sales Director, has recently visited the USA to discuss some medical applications and some industrial packaging applications using super absorbent/adsorbent materials in a very clever way. We hope to see this develop into another new area for us and supercede some of the existing packaging already out there.  

We have also recently designed and manufactured 2 machines for the processing of a special thin laminate structure to be inserted into a bag for a medical application. These have just been delivered and installed and working perfectly. The customer is very happy with the installation and we expect to see further orders from this company for other projects.

All this and its only January ….

Ian Beardsall  
Managing Director

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